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We offer wholesale prices for all automotive parts, except for bodywork and windshields. We provide you with the access to our catalogue where you will find wholesale prices. Parts that are not in stock, if ordered until 17:00, will be delivered in the morning on the next business day.

We deliver automotive parts on the same or the next business day directly to the workshop or shop by our own transport, using courier or Kaunas bus parcel services.

We sign co-operation agreements with companies, farmers, self-employed persons, and, if possible, we offer payment deferrals. You can pay for automotive parts in cash, upon delivery, or by prepayment to our bank account.

We will repair or restore the starter and alternator – just send it to us using the courier or bus parcel services, or we can collect it with our own transport, if possible. Repaired units are sent back using the agreed method. We repair and provide warranty for all starters and alternators of water and land vehicles, machinery and equipment.

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